In 1991 takes the lifeguard patent for the F.I.N., as well as the diploma of swimming Instructor for the U.I.S.P.

In 1992 he meets the Prof. Piga – once the National trainer in charge of the throwing sector for the F.I.D.A.L. – and sets with him new programmes for the atletic preparation in karate – specifically about the “ kumite “ aspect, which is the free fighting. With the above mentioned Professor, he also tests different prototypes of the D.B.C., a specific instrument planned by Prof. Piga and Prof. Betti , the latter a physicist .

In 1993 he takes the diploma of karate Instructor, with top marks.

In 1998 he takes a specific diploma for teaching P.E. , with top marks.

Between 1999 and 2003 he is the deputy karate Instructor in charge of the Tuscan kumite Athletes training programme .

In 2002 he is one of the main speakers at the ” 2 nd Budo and fighting sports International Symposium” , organised in Milan by both the P.E. Department of the University and the I.T.K.F.

In 2002 he takes the diploma of sports Instructor – becoming a specialist in athletics – c/o the A.I.C.S. Sports Association.

He has been cooperating since 2004 as a consultant for the athletic preparation of the professional Italian football team “ Sangiovannese 1927 S.p.A.”

In 2004 and 2005 he holds a conference about “ the mechanic of movement “ to the orthopaedist technicians, c/o the medicine and surgery department of the University of Florence .

He has been cooperating since 2005 with the professional football team “ Sansovino” which is at the moment in the Italian Second Division .